Welcome to the Experience Economy

Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) applications are constantly evolving embracing new levels of innovation as the world we work in continues to change and user’s expectations constantly increase.

The first generation of Cloud SaaS applications was focused upon the application Vendors establishing a comprehensive suite of SaaS services -Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, HR and Payroll across the Back Office, but as we enter the new decade the focus of the market is now moving towards the experience economy.

The experience economy literally redefines the way we work, recognising that People do not work in functional silos.

Whether the experience presented is for an end customer or for an employee the market is constantly evolving with the next evolution of enterprise Cloud solutions based upon delivering personalised experiences over standardised processes by digitalised workflows.

Creating personalised experiences not only takes advantage of the new breed of technologies that are now available such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and adaptive analytics, but also allows implementations to be undertaken with an understanding of human behaviour of engagement and a fresh perspective as to how we can connect customer to employees and digitalise operational processes that span the enterprise support service delivery.

Introducing de Novo

de Novo Solutions is both a ServiceNow and Oracle Partner, allowing us to reach further across the enterprise connecting Client and citizens to employees creating experiences driven by digital workflows.

de Novo Solutions brings to the market its own Experience Architecture through the use of ServiceNow and Oracle SaaS Cloud, taking advantage of the strengths of both platforms to unlock hidden value with an enterprise.

ServiceNow and the Now platform provides the enterprise-wide platform that allows us to create personalised work experiences through digital workflows pulling in data from multiple front and back office systems; as well external 3rd party systems where required.

Oracle SaaS Cloud provides leading practice standardised processes across Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, HR and Payroll.

It is this combination of platforms forming a hybrid Cloud structure that unlocks maximum opportunity for any Organisation, allowing it to personalise its employee experience, whilst having the security and knowledge that’s its underlying business processes are standardised ensuring data integrity.

The value of ESM is rising exponentially, as employee experience platforms are at the centre of the new enterprise architecture, allowing employees to break free from siloed applications, and enabling the ability to create processes

“Changing the world one workflow at a time” – the ServiceNow platform allows us to rapidly design, build and test digital workflows creating digital experiences connecting front office to back, and spanning operational processes right across the enterprise. Delivered by ServiceNow certified professionals.

A comprehensive application support service designed to protect a customer’s investment and provide easy access to a broad range of expertise. It is 100% focused on the support of ServiceNow and Oracle SaaS Cloud Applications and provides access to unrivalled levels of expertise which makes de Novo the perfect support partner for ServiceNow and Oracle SaaS Cloud customers Designed specifically to provide more than just a managed service but focused on releasing hidden value from SaaS Cloud applications over time, fulfilling your ambitions and maximising your return on investment.

Developed through our rich heritage after we identified that our Clients were not sufficiently knowledge-able on the transformational effects of Cloud on their business operation. The Cloud Experience Readiness Assessment addresses this as it educates and prepares a customer for transition to Cloud, before the technical element of a detail “discovery” phase commences as part of the implementation. The output of the exercise can be used to facilitate a business case and/or the procurement of the main implementation.

A pillar of de Novo’s own culture is continuous learning. Come and experience the same training we put our consultants through, leveraging our experience from over 100+ digital implementations. We can provide tailored training programmes with the view of enabling you to become self-sufficient in supporting Oracle SaaS Cloud applications.

A highly confidential service made available when your SaaS Cloud project has gone wrong and you need someone to turn it around quickly and effectively. Come talk to the experts, your in safe hands and we have done this many times before.

It’s what originally made us famous. Come and experience the “A” team in action, we will guide and hold your hand on every step of the journey, providing a full end-to-end service and range of implementation services for Oracle ERP (Financials), EPM, HCM and Payroll including data migration services. Delivered by Oracle Cloud certified professionals.