The New Standard in Managed Cloud Support

Value as a Service™ (VaaS)™

Designed for new and existing clients, de Novo’s VaaS offering places the emphasis on a value-centric approach to Managed Cloud Support, taking relationship management and service for cloud clients to an unequalled level.

How does VaaS™ work?

Going beyond Service Requests (SR’s) and Periodic Cloud Service Updates, VaaS is a new collaborative approach to Managed Service Support that transparently measures the value of cloud to an organisation using the lenses of: Experience, Innovation and Value Based Outcomes. It is not uncommon to see clients failing to recognise their return on investment projections from cloud often with clients struggling to take advantage of the continuous innovation and delivered best practice.

How will my organisation benefit from VaaS™?

VaaS™ is a personalised managed support service tailored to the unique needs and expectations of each client.  VaaS™ spans two main areas IT and Cloud Service Support and Human Centred Transformation Change Support. VaaS™ benefits both the organisation and the individual by removing the heavy lifting and headaches from client Service Desk Leaders providing clear recommendations, actions and pragmatic innovation plans all within a regular, personalised Value Action Plan.

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What does VaaS™ Offer?

Supported and led by our UK-based cloud managed support experts, our unique support offering delivers key outcomes and benefits for your business:

Expert Guidance

Complete Visibility

Value Based Outcomes

VaaS™ helps client Support and Managed Service teams move…

From lights-on support to light-years ahead support

How we deliver value

The 4 Value Dimensions of VaaS™

de Novo’s VaaS Cloud Value Action Plan leverages a unique 4 value dimension model to crystalise the qualitative and quantitative value of Cloud for Senior Support / Managed Services and Value Management Office Stakeholders.  With regular, consistent benchmarking against these four dimensions, it becomes possible to jointly assess progress and achievement alongside impact and innovation in the context of the Client’s Cloud.

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation.  With VaaS™ the client relationship and continual discussion focuses in on the important role that the regular Cloud releases play in the service value equation.  Client’s need to leverage and embrace new Cloud capabilities in an intelligent manner that suits the needs of the organisation, balancing momentum and service improvement to exceed the expectations of the service end-user.    

Adoption is vital when it comes to achieving value realisation of Cloud technology into the organisation.  With VaaS™ the client relationship will explore and measure end-user adoption and satisfaction levels.  Revisiting the major ‘adoption’ influencing factors like commitment, governance, the role of key influencers, communication and enablement plans plus monitoring feedback, challenges and blockers that might be affecting the end-user all in a bid to secure high adoption and engagement.

Optimisation is an essential aspect of a modern digital transformation to ensure an organisation is extracting the maximum value from the investment made in Cloud technology.   With Cloud regularly evolving there is a risk that clients fall behind and don’t leverage all that the service can bring.   VaaS™ mitigates this risk helping clients with knowledge share, recommendations and advice as well as contextual guidance as a result clients embrace leading practice and establish great Cloud outcomes consistently. 

Efficiency savings and value realisation with Cloud transformation come in conjunction with an effective end-user adoption and service optimisation strategy.  VaaS™ will help ensure the topic of efficiency is kept on the agenda reviewing progress on streamlining process, introduction and adoption of self-service through to eliminating local held or inefficient alternative work-around services that prevent the organisation in achieving the goal of improved efficiency through a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

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