Modernising and simplifying the workplace to improve the lives of residents

The new standard for Local Government Back Office

Odyssea™ for Local Government is our springboard to the future helping Councils become more efficient, cost effective, and agile when it comes to finance and people management delivery.

By freeing Councils from the heavily customised legacy on-premise applications of the past modern cloud based Oracle and ServiceNow technologies can streamline process, reduce IT costs to better respond to the changing demands and expectations in public service delivery.

de Novo’s cloud transformation experience combined with our expert industry knowledge means that Councils can benefit from an ‘adopt not adapt mindset’ to deliver better value for money, and more productive and efficient ways of working.

How does Odyssea™ for Local Government work?

Our blueprint for effective Back Office finance and people management digital transformation is a formed around our three step methodology LEARN, VERIFY and USE.

Our pioneering methodology means Councils save time and money on their journey to cloud by adopting pre-configured Local Government ready industry core capabilities, meaning more time is focussed on understanding the unique needs of each Council.

Odyssea™ for Local Government ensures personalised experiences, connected digital processes and unified ways of working are enabled quickly, securely and risk free meaning that Councils benefit from modern innovative solutions that enable change.

How does my organisation benefit from Odyssea™ for Local Government?

The financial outlook remains challenging for the public sector with growing pressure to deliver ‘services that matter’ set against a backdrop of reduced funding.

Our pre-templated approach provides Council organisations with a comprehensive starting point from which to build and shape their Back Office transformation.

In eliminating the need to configure a solution from scratch, time and money savings are recognised alongside a reduction in complexity and time to value (TTV).

Additionally, our Odyssea™ for Local Government blueprint provides peace of mind that the implementation is designed correctly and optimised to leverage best practice innovation from the outset. 

Choose a different, better approach to

your cloud journey…

Supported and led by our UK-based cloud implementation team, our advisors will guide and collaborate with your own expert team throughout the journey and beyond to ensure a successful project. Our Managed Cloud Support (Value as a Service™) ensures your organisation takes maximum continued value from cloud achieving your own targeted outcomes. 




Odyssea™ for Local Government

Enabling Councils to adapt faster to policy changes and make best use of resources to improve resident outcomes.

A foundation for modern, innovative public services that capitalising on emerging technologies such as adaptive intelligence and machine learning.

Our rapid start methodology, delivers best in class, fully functionally cloud-based experiences for all.

Odyssea for UK Public Sector

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