The Academy™ – Training & Education Services


Cloud Adoption & Training Services

The Academy™ – Training & Education Services

Our Cloud Adoption and Training Services offering incorporates our collective learnings from over 100+ implementations of Oracle SaaS Cloud to ensure an organisation is well positioned for success. From a business perspective change management is all about the people side of change, with training playing a key role as an enabler for adoption.

The Academy™ is the resurrection of a proven training and education mechanism that was the formula as to how we developed the most highly-prized capable, and most sort after in-demand Oracle SaaS Cloud Consultants in the marketplace.

Oracle’s Training Partner

We even train Oracle themselves!

The Academy™

Our consultants are always in demand due to their knowledge, skills and experience, and this is attributed to how we constantly invest in our people’s continuous development in regard to Cloud applications over their tenure with us. We even train other Oracle partners and Oracle Consulting themselves!

The core principle behind the Academy™ is to fill the gap between the authorised vendor training and certifications and real-world practical experience of undertaking a Cloud implementation. We see too often that certification is about remembering facts from a course and passing an exam, consultancy is about how to solve problems, something which is not easy to learn from on-line instruction.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Get Cloud Ready!

Cloud Experience Readiness Assessment

Developed through our rich heritage after we identified that our Clients were not sufficiently knowledge-able on the transformational effects of Cloud on their business operation. The Cloud Experience Readiness Assessment addresses this as it educates and prepares a customer for transition to Cloud, before the technical element of a detail “discovery” phase commences as part of the implementation. The output of the exercise can be used to acilitate a business case and/or the procurement of the main implementation.

VaaS™ – Managed Services

Value as a Service™ – Managed Services Support


Only after you go live does any journey to the Cloud truly begin. The process of digital transformation is one that is continually evolving as new innovations are made available by technological vendors. Our unique VaaS™ proposition, which combines commercial innovation that is value-focused, will ensure that we will be with you by your side, continuing to support and lead you to value over the entire life of the SaaS contract.

VaaS™ really is a game-changer for managed service support operations and accelerating business transformation.

Accelerate Knowledge & Skillset

Minimise Risk

The Academy™ acts as a mechanism to accelerate knowledge and skillset whilst ensuring that the risk of delivery on any engagement is minimised. In addition, it recognises that Cloud SaaS applications require continued investment in an individual’s knowledge due to product innovation that is constantly being delivered. To be relevant you must stay current.

de Novo has now made this service available to the wider-market and our customers, whereby we replicate the same techniques we use internally to educate and train continuously our own Consultants.

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