Cloud Implementation Recovery Services


Cloud Implementation Recovery Services

Unfortunately, we have seen many times organisations that have run into difficulty with their cloud implementations. From our extensive experience and knowing that the technology works the problem usually lies with either the approach adopted to managing the programme or with an implementation partner that is not necessarily equipped with the right delivery capability to ensure customer success.

SaaS Cloud Recovery

We can recover your project!

de Novo is well versed in having to assist in the recovery of cloud projects. We appreciate and understand the often fraught and stressful situations that can arise; and what at an extreme can genuinely deteriorate into what can be best described as a toxic and hostile environment. Consequently, it is often found that the client, specifically the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO), has no option but to either to admit defeat and close the programme down in its entirety or have to stay with a failing delivery partner and accept an increase cost profile with no guarantee of a successful outcome.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Get Cloud Ready!

Cloud Experience Readiness Assessment

Developed through our rich heritage after we identified that our Clients were not sufficiently knowledge-able on the transformational effects of Cloud on their business operation. The Cloud Experience Readiness Assessment addresses this as it educates and prepares a customer for transition to Cloud, before the technical element of a detail “discovery” phase commences as part of the implementation. The output of the exercise can be used to facilitate a business case and/or the procurement of the main implementation.

Cloud Readiness Assessment
The Academy™

We train Oracle and other Partners

The Academy™

Such individuals are always in demand due to their knowledge, skills and experience, and this is attributed to how we constantly invested in our people’s continuous development in regard to Cloud applications over their tenure with us. It was so successful in the past, that we counted other Oracle partners and Oracle Consulting themselves as clients!

de Novo is now replicating this formula again for the next generation of Cloud consultants. The core principle behind the Academy™ is to fill the gap between the authorised vendor training and certifications and real-world practical experience of undertaking a Cloud implementation. We see too often that certification is about remembering facts from a course and passing an exam, consultancy is about how to solve problems, something which is not easy to learn from on-line instruction.

Get ready for a full recovery…

Take an alternative route to success

de Novo Cloud Implementation Recovery Services offers an alternative route to success for ServiceNow and Oracle Cloud projects.

Our recovery teams are small and comprise the most experience of Cloud practitioners available in our Company and throughout our Associate network. Individuals that know how to operate in such an environment.

To be successful recovery teams have to be empowered to make decisions quickly to prevent further cost haemorrhage and also to establish their authority with both client staff and the out-going service provider to order to minimise disruption, steady the ship and undertake effective recovery.

If you do find yourself in such a situation, then please reach out to us directly for a confidential and discreet conversation; whilst we explore together how we can best assist you.

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