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Accelerate transformational change and sustainable growth with innovative industry cloud solutions from de Novo

de Novo’s industry cloud solutions can help you tackle your sector-specific challenges and give you the agility you need to respond to accelerating change.

What are Industry Cloud solutions?

Industry clouds combine traditional cloud services with tailored, sector-specific functionality to address historically hard-to-tackle vertical challenges.

Organisations are turning to Industry Cloud platforms to accelerate time to value and to capitalise on cross-industry innovations. Now, more than ever, core process transformation is needed to deal with the effects of constantly changing market conditions. Your ability to move quickly will determine your level of success.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Odyssea™

Our Industry Cloud solutions are offered in a variety of options allowing you to choose the services and solutions you need to help you solve your unique challenges. These cloud-enabled, sector-specific solutions make it possible to modernise in a more gradual and agile manner.

Odyssea™ for Multi Academy Trusts

Combining our expert knowledge in Cloud technology with our experience in the educational sector to bring an industry tailored blueprint that will drive finance and people service transformation for improved operational transparency, control and growth – freeing vital resources in order to focus on delivering better educational outcomes for all.  

Odyssea™ for HM Government

Helping to accelerate the delivery of Corporate Services across HM Government Ministries, Executive Agencies and Arm’s Length Bodies.  Our blueprint blends expert knowledge and experience with our pioneering approach to Oracle SaaS Cloud digital transformation, focusing on user experience and innovation to deliver proven, scalable and connected finance and people focused outcomes to provide better Public Sector services for all.

Odyssea™ for Health

Our cloud blueprint for Health is a rapid set up and go-live ‘treatment plan’ for finance and people management for organisations that no longer wish to wait for replacement central platform(s).  Proven Oracle Cloud technology will deliver a digital-first connected, and complete platform, fit for your future digital journey with a fixed scope, timescale, and price – powering the evolution of health service digital transformation.

Odyssea™ for Local Government

Designed to deliver the ambition and strategy for Local Government across the UK, our focused blueprint enables finance and people management teams to transform services with proven Cloud solutions, coupled with implementation expert guidance and support ensuring the right balance of speed and control to deliver a new modern, engaging experience that supports service delivery today and into the future.

The New Standard in Cloud Design, Configuration and Commissioning


A new collaborative design approach for Oracle and ServiceNow Cloud technology implementations placing the emphasis on adoption, personalisation and experience over customisation.

How do Odyssea™ work?

Our knowledge and delivery expertise has allowed us to create a comprehensive end-to-end implementation approach. The Odyssea™ methodology consists of a three step process, LEARN, VERIFY and USE in order to deliver a complete framework for cloud digital transformations for a fixed price in an agreed amount of time. 

Industry Cloud Solutions

How does my organisation benefit from Odyssea™?

Designed for the experience economy, our industry focused accelerators and turn-key solutions help organisations of differing sizes and sectors using a rapid template-based methodology.

Odyssea™ places the emphasis on unique configuration, personalising your implementation to bring maximum value, insight and power for a reduced level of effort and resource investment.

Understanding the Pre-Defined Solution

A pre-defined solution focuses on the standard elements of a working template, and applying customer variations rapidly and safely. The pre-defined solution is effectively augmented and amended by the elements of the experience that make the client unique, whilst utilising the standard solution for those areas that are common.

Choose a different, better approach to

your cloud journey

Supported and led by our UK-based cloud implementation team, our knowledgeable expert team will be your advisors and guides collaborating with your team throughout the journey and beyond into Managed Cloud Support (Value as a Service™).




Where will Odyssea™ take you?

How we deliver value with Odyssea™?

The three steps to Oracle and ServiceNow Cloud success

Odyssea™ has been specifically designed to evolve as our clients evolve their business operations. Only de Novo is capable of providing true end-to-end digital transformation, from front office operations serving customers and residents through to the middle and back-office employee-based experiences.

1. Learn

What we learn from our Discovery Labs and Cloud Readiness Assessment conversations allows us to jointly develop the first prototype that includes the changes to the solution design.

2. Verify

With the unique needs of the organisation captured the Cloud foundation is updated and ‘applied’ enabling the client to review and verify the newly tailored core foundation.

3. Use

Once the final agreed configuration is combined with all interfaces, migrated data, custom developments and extra configuration the production solution is commissioned.

Ready to explore Odyssea™?

Learn how de Novo’s unique approach in cloud design, configuration and commissioning will bring success to your organisation.

Our Expertise and Capabilities

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Industry Cloud Solutions for HM Government

Odyssea™ for HM Government leverages de Novo’s wealth of experience in the deployment of Oracle and ServiceNow Cloud technology. Odyssea™ places the emphasis on rapid deployment, personalisation and experience, over complexity and customisation.

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