Digital Vision Roundtable

Communicate, engage, and evolve your organisation’s digital transformation journey

Designed for new and existing clients, de Novo’s Digital Vision Roundtable (DVR) is a three-step intensive, configurable workshop style process that aligns your people and your process with standard out-of-the-box Oracle Cloud capabilities.

DVR is designed to help public or private sector organisations to become better aligned with their Oracle Cloud platform helping to improve finance, planning and people, payroll and talent management services.

Recent headlines in the public sector have publicised the risk and impact of a ‘challenging digital transformation’ – time creep, overspend, and over customisation can occur, a DVR experience day will help mitigate risk, simplify, bring transparency, and increase control.

De Novo Solutions Digital Vision Roundtable
De Novo Solutions Digital Vision Roundtable

How does DVR work?

DVR comes to your office, and is a three-step intensive, configurable workshop style process for two groups of five completed over the course of a day.

In advance we will jointly agree a context for the session and your organisation will be responsible for assembling an internal group of experts to attend. Your own blend of experts is always best placed to look backward and forward on a operational challenge. Working as a team they can combine their service delivery experience to get the right outcome moving forward.

Using a set of pragmatic lenses we explore and facilitate ‘what if’ outcomes focussed upon using the standard Oracle Cloud solution capabilities using a swift, low cost, low fidelity approach.

How will my organisation benefit?

De Novo Solutions Digital Vision Roundtable

DVR is a proven way to immerse, inspire and improve communication across teams that are undergoing, or that are keen to re-evaluate, a digital transformation.

In a single day the session will deliver the foundation for improved operational outcomes. Unearthing new ideas and approaches placing them on the table to support team interaction collaboration and foster employee engagement.

DVR aids both decision support and adoption buy-in while encouraging divergent thinking behaviours as found in Design Thinking. The event is a rapid way to help generate, discussion, prioritise ideations and attach four value dimensions as per de Novo’s Value as a Service™ (VaaS™).

Problem definition​

Problem definition

Plausible solution

Plausible solution

Projected Outcomes

Projected outcomes

Choose a different, better approach for your Cloud journey…

Led and supported by our experienced team of expert advisors the single day experience session will guide your team through the DVR process. Our aim is to partner with your organisation to ensure you are extracting the maximum value from Oracle Cloud and its delivered innovation in order to achieve your own targeted transformational outcomes.

DVR event attendees will leave with reusable skills and a selection of artefacts including ‘what if video soundbites’ enabling the ideas generated to be cascaded for additional internal feedback and action.

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