ServiceNow Enterprise Service Management


Redefining How Services Appear In Organisations

ServiceNow Enterprise Service Management

The value of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is rising exponentially within the UK, as employee experience platforms are at the centre of the new enterprise architecture, allowing employees to break free from siloed applications, and enabling the ability to create processes. ServiceNow’s ESM solutions deliver a streamlined platform for Enterprise Services by extending capabilities beyond technology services into business‑centric automation use cases to transform the way work gets done, empowering customers and employees to work smarter, simpler, and more efficiently.

Servicenow Enterprise Management

Our ServiceNow Delivery Capability

We are a Premier ServiceNow Partner

de Novo is a Premier ServiceNow partner with our employees holding several specialist accreditations. With delivery capability across the UK to design and implement numerous modules on the Now platform:

IT Service Management (ITSM)
Integrated Risk Management (IRM)
Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

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