What makes us different

Cloud is evolving, we are now in the experience economy with the focus is upon digital experiences that connects customers and citizens with employees creating value by providing great service delivery.

de Novo is the next iteration of its own legacy, Cloud first and focused 100% upon SaaS Cloud applications without any on premise baggage. Not only have we been delivering these solutions in the Cloud since the beginning. We also recognise the continued evolution of Cloud and understand your challenges, issues and have not only built-up best practices from a wealth of experience, but also the courage to pioneer and reimagine how delivery should be taken into the experience economy.

Consequently, our business model has been built around Cloud services right from the off. Our consultants are the most experienced in the industry and they joined the company to focus 100% on Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations. Our approaches and tools are designed exclusively to support SaaS projects and promote joint collaboration, encapsulated in our extensive range of service offerings and industry vertical solutions ensuring you have the right guidance, best practice, learning and knowledge to successfully deliver and most importantly we stand by you every step of the way.

de Novo however is so much than just a Systems Integrator, our legacy has allowed us to learn and develop and we have established a company with sustainability at its very heart, investing our profits in our people, our solutions, and contributing to the British economy through championing small medium enterprises, the backbone of our economy.

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