Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts

The New Standard for Multi-Academy Trust Back Office

At de Novo, we take pride in being pioneers in the tech industry, providing innovative Finance, HR, and Payroll software and services, exclusively tailored for the education sector. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the trust of leading Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) across the UK.

Our innovative cloud solution, Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts, powered by Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow technologies, has been developed in collaboration with a leading MAT, specifically designed to support MATs on their journey towards digital transformation, placing an emphasis on adoption, personalisation and experience over customisation.

How does the Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts work?

Our knowledge and delivery expertise with MAT’s means we have developed a focused accelerator in the academic market. Odyssea™ MAT’s templated methodology leverages the three step process spanning LEARN, VERIFY and USE in order to deliver a complete academy centric template for cloud digital transformations for a fixed price in an agreed amount of time delivering a faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership.

A templated approach has many advantages for Multi-Academy Trusts since it allows for the simplification of processes, greater data exploitation, and more complete and improved business insight. This has the important effect of allowing for a greater percentage of funds to be directed away from outdated IT platforms and solutions and back towards better educational outcomes.

de Novo Multi Academy Trusts Blueprint

How does my organisation benefit from Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts?

We save your Trust time and money with pre-designed industry focused turn-key solutions designed specifically for the UK education sector using our de Novo rapid template based methodology. 

Odyssea™ for MATs places the emphasis on capturing the unique configuration needed for your Trust’s vision in order to bring maximum value, insight and power for a reduced level of effort and resource investment.  

The Multi-Academy Trust Blueprint

A pre-defined solution focuses on the standard elements of a working template, and applying customer variations rapidly and safely. The pre-defined solution is effectively augmented and amended by the elements of the experience that make the client unique, whilst utilising the standard solution for those areas that are common.

Choose a different, better approach to

your cloud journey

Supported and led by our UK-based cloud implementation team, our knowledgeable expert MAT team will be your advisors and guides collaborating with your team throughout the journey and beyond into Managed Cloud Support (Value as a Service™) – ensuring you take maximum initial value on into continued success achieving targeted cloud outcomes.




Where will Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts take you?

How we deliver value with Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts?

The three steps to Oracle and ServiceNow Cloud success

Odyssea™ for Multi-Academy Trusts has been specifically co-created with leading academic institutions.  Our MAT clients need to be agile and responsive as Government policy, local factors and societal issues have an impact on the teacher-pupil trust experience. Our three step MAT methodology provides true end-to-end digital transformation, delivering best in class, fully functional cloud-based experiences for all.

1. Learn MAT

Our Discovery Labs and Cloud Readiness Assessment conversations will include us jointly reviewing and updating the Odyssea™ MAT Blueprint to capture your Trust’s unique needs.

2. Verify MAT

The Cloud MAT Blueprint foundation is updated with the configurations needed enabling your MAT to review and verify the newly tailored core foundation before moving to production.

3. Use MAT

Once the final agreed configuration is fully combined with all interfaces, migrated data, custom developments and extra configuration the production solution is commissioned.

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Learn how de Novo’s unique approach in cloud design, configuration and commissioning will bring success to your Multi-Academy Trust.

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