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LANGSTONE, South Wales — 3rd June 2024 — de Novo Solutions, an award-winning leading Welsh digital transformation technology company specialising in the delivery of personalised data-driven digital experiences across Finance, Procurement, HR, and Payroll functions using Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow, announces the appointment of Peter Jenkins as Non-Executive Director.

Renowned for their technical expertise and mantra for delivery excellence in navigating today’s digital experience economy, de Novo consistently sets new benchmarks in cloud innovation through its pioneering industry cloud solutions, Odyssea™, and value-centric managed services offering, Value as a Service™.

Peter’s appointment as Non-Executive Director prepares de Novo for its next stage of evolution, as the company has delivered exceptional growth over the last 12 months, with revenues rising to £5m whilst undertaking extensive investment in its internal infrastructure across the UK and India, with a headcount of over 65+ employees, with the company in the position to double in size again over its forth coming financial year, commencing June 2024.

In his capacity as a NED, Peter will work alongside the existing Board of Directors and Non-Executive Directors Clive Swan and Richard Summerfield providing governance and oversight of the delivery of the organisations plans under the leadership of Mark Sweeny, Founder and Chief Executive.

Tim Warner, Chairman of de Novo Solutions, said, “It is testament to the team, its relentless focus upon delivery excellence and the way we as a company go about our business that has struck a positive tone with the marketplace and our customers. We are now at the next stage of our growth as we begin to scale aggressively, ensuring that we maintain our values and the approach that has made us so successful to date in such a short period of time. Peter’s advice and guidance in this area will be vital to ensuring that we scale effectively whilst still delivering the goals we have set ourselves.”

Mark Sweeny, Founder and Chief Executive of de Novo Solutions, said, “We have experienced a year of exceptional growth, and as we enter our fourth year of trading, we are already in a position to double in size again. Our focus has always been on creating a sustainable business, and despite our growth we need to ensure we continue to manage and govern robustly. Peter’s appointment, leveraging his vast experience, will ensure that we scale in a sustainable way, ensuring we do not compromise on the high standards we set ourselves and our customers expect. I look forward to continuing to work with Peter as de Novo moves forward.”

Peter Jenkins, Non-Executive Director, said, “I am extremely excited to continue with the de Novo team, and it is great testament to both Mark and Tim as to what they achieved again together in such a short period of time. The business has built firm foundations over the past two years and is now in a position where it can scale in a sustainable way, without having to compromise on its delivery standards. The wider team’s knowledge of Oracle and ServiceNow and how these two technologies can be leveraged in the new era of the experience economy is something that truly sets this company apart and I look forward to what the next year brings.”

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