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Fast, Easy Implementation for Mid-Enterprise Organisations

Experience a fast and seamless start to HR excellence with Oracle HCM Now. Our preconfigured implementation pathway, Odyssea™, ensures a swift and seamless transition, allowing your organisation to start reaping the benefits of Oracle’s comprehensive HCM suite without delay.

Oracle HCM Now is the definitive solution for mid-enterprise companies seeking rapid value and success. With Oracle’s comprehensive cloud HCM suite, you gain access to all the capabilities you need, exactly when you need them. This unified platform empowers your organisation to adapt, grow, and achieve business success at an accelerated pace while providing an exceptional employee experience.

de Novo Solutions Oracle HCM Now

Key Features of Oracle HCM Now

Our pre-configured implementation path ensures a faster time to value, allowing you to start realising ROI sooner

Benefit from a comprehensive suite of HR solutions that cover all aspects of Human Capital Management

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a unified cloud platform, accessible anytime, anywhere

Create a workplace where every individual feels heard, valued, and supported, leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention


Empowering Your Organisation's Growth with Industry-Specific Cloud Innovations

Odyssea™ is our innovative industry cloud solution tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of your organisation. With Odyssea™, you can accelerate your digital transformation journey and achieve rapid success in HR, Payroll, and Finance operations. 

What Sets Odyssea™ Apart?

Odyssea™ offers an instant day-one Oracle Cloud go-live experience for HCM, Payroll, and Finance functionalities. This means you can swiftly transition to the Oracle Cloud environment without prolonged implementation timelines, enabling you to start realising the benefits of cloud technology from day one.

Benefit from our 80/20 approach, where 80% of the processes are pre-designed and aligned with industry best practices. These pre-configured processes cover HR, Talent, and Payroll functions, ensuring that your organisation can quickly adopt standardised workflows while still accommodating the unique aspects of your industry.

Odyssea™ follows a streamlined three-step approach – Learn, Validate, Use – for Oracle Cloud digital transformation. In the Learn phase, we understand your organisation’s specific requirements and objectives. In the Validate phase, we validate the configured solution against your business needs to ensure alignment. Finally, in the Use phase, we deploy the solution and provide support to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilisation of Oracle Cloud services.

Value as a Service

Next Generation Managed Cloud Support

At de Novo Solutions, we understand that successful implementation is just the beginning of your journey with Oracle Cloud. That’s why we offer an innovative and comprehensive managed cloud support package, Value as a Service™ (VaaS™), designed to ensure that your Oracle Cloud investment continues to deliver maximum value and innovation.

What Sets Value as a Service™ Apart?

We are committed to helping Oracle Cloud clients stay at the forefront of innovation by continually exploring new features, updates, and enhancements that can benefit your organisation. With our expert guidance, you can leverage the full potential of Oracle Cloud to drive growth and efficiency.

From the initial go-live phase to ongoing operations and beyond, our team provides comprehensive support for HR, Talent, Payroll, and ERP functions. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical issues, optimising system performance, or implementing new features, we’re here to ensure that your Oracle Cloud environment runs smoothly and efficiently.

We understand the importance of quantifying the impact of digital transformation initiatives. That’s why we take a measured approach to tracking the value and return on investment (ROI) generated by Oracle Cloud. Our robust analytics and reporting capabilities enable you to assess the effectiveness of your digital transformation efforts and make data-driven decisions for future investments.

HCM Now Service Offerings

In today’s fast-moving business world, harnessing the power of Oracle HCM Now is crucial for staying ahead. We at de Novo are dedicated to guiding your organisation through this transformation. Discover how our service offerings can drive your success with Oracle HCM Now:

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment package is designed to evaluate your organisation’s preparedness for migrating to the cloud. Through comprehensive analysis and assessment, we identify potential challenges, opportunities, and readiness factors that impact your transition to Oracle HCM Now. By conducting this assessment, we provide actionable insights and recommendations tailored to your organisation’s specific needs, ensuring a smooth and successful migration process.

Odyssea™ The Essentials package offers a fundamental solution for mid-enterprise organisations seeking to leverage the power of Oracle HCM Now. With Odyssea™, you gain access to pre-designed industry-aligned processes for HR, Talent, and Payroll, tailored to your sector’s unique requirements. This package provides a solid foundation for accelerating your HR success, offering essential features and functionalities to streamline your operations and drive business growth.

Combine the comprehensive capabilities of Odyssea™ with the ongoing support and expertise of Value as a Service™ (VaaS™) to maximise the value of your Oracle HCM Now investment. This package includes the essentials of Odyssea™ along with end-to-end managed service support for HR, Talent, Payroll, and Finance. With VaaS™, you can ensure continuous optimisation, innovation, and ROI tracking throughout your digital transformation journey. By partnering with us for Odyssea™ and VaaS™, you unlock the full potential of Oracle HCM Now while benefiting from personalised support tailored to your organisation’s evolving needs.

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