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de Novo Partners with ERP Risk Advisors to Optimise Risk Management for Clients

de Novo has entered into a new partnership with ERP Risk Advisors to provide a more comprehensive and tailored risk management program for their clients

Langstone, Wales – 29th March 2023: de Novo Solutions, a leading provider of industry vertical solutions, digital transformation and business support services for both Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow applications, has today announced a new partnership with ERP Risk Advisors, a well-respected and trustworthy provider of Risk Advisory services for organisations using Oracle Applications.

ERP Risk Advisors specialises in helping organisations to identify, assess, and manage risks related to their ERP systems, including financial, operational, and compliance risks. The partnership will mean de Novo can offer clients a more comprehensive and tailored risk management program, helping clients to better understand and manage their risks and stay ahead of any potential threats.

ERP Armor, ERP Risk Advisors’ flagship product, is being leveraged by organisations all over the world to identify, manage, and mitigate risk for their Oracle applications and other ERP systems, a significant challenge for organisations given the constant changes introduced by quarterly patches provided by Oracle.

The partnership between de Novo Solutions and ERP Risk Advisors will provide organisations with comprehensive services to analyse, design, and remediate their ERP and HCM role-based access control (RBAC) systems. This is an important aspect of IT security as RBAC allows organisations to control access to sensitive information and systems. By analysing and designing RBAC systems, organisations can ensure that only authorised users have access to critical systems and data, reducing the risk of security breaches and improving compliance with relevant regulations and standards. With the expertise of both organisations combined, clients can be assured that their RBAC systems are well-designed and effective in managing access to their critical systems and data.

Ian Carline, Chief Technology Officer at de Novo said, “We are delighted to be working with ERP Risk Advisors in order to help our clients improve their IT security and compliance posture. This is an important area for businesses, as security risks and compliance requirements are constantly evolving, and organisations need to stay ahead of these changes to protect their assets and maintain their regulatory compliance in order to avoid costly security breaches and compliance violations, which can have significant financial and reputational impacts.”

Jeff Hare, CEO at ERP Risk Advisors said, “Our new partnership with de Novo has the potential to be a game-changer for organisations looking for comprehensive ERP support throughout the life cycle of their system. By leveraging de Novo’s expertise in ERP system implementation and ongoing support, and ERP Risk Advisor’s expertise in IT security and compliance, organisations can ensure that their ERP systems are well-maintained, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements, allowing them to focus on their core business activities with confidence, knowing that their ERP systems are in very good hands.”

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ERP Risk Advisors is a risk content company for ERP systems and technology tools. Our content, ERP Armor, is used by organizations and external auditors to identify and manage risk. We also assist organizations in identifying and implementing GRC-related software from industry-leading companies.

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