Our Social Value Policy

de Novo is committed to the Social Value marketplace, ensuring activities undertaken generate benefits not only to de Novo itself but also to society, the economy, while minimising damage to the environment.

The UK Government as part of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 has created a landscape where beyond the procurement of a given service or product that there is a process where a wider opportunity exists to make a positive contribution toward social values for a better future for everyone.

Headquartered in Langstone, South Wales, de Novo is a young, vibrant, expanding IT business that services UK commercial and public sector industries blending business innovation and cloud technology to deliver impactful and long-lasting digital transformation.  

The business is actively involved in South Wales, focused on making a healthy, regular contribution to business and community events – taking the opportunity to “put something back” into the local area for a better tomorrow.

To ensure maximum positive impact, we break our social value commitments down into five key pillars: COVID-19 Recovery, Economic Inequality, Climate Change, Equal Opportunity and Health & Wellbeing.


COVID-19 Recovery
Helping local communities to manage and recover from the impacts of the pandemic

de Novo recognises we are now in a new normal post pandemic as the UK continues its recovery from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Working alongside UK Government at a central and local level to bring solutions to IT problems facing the nation.  Our project involvement spans departments that are at the heart of the COVID-19 recovery plan consequently our involvement is preserving jobs and helping drive our economic recovery.

Creating SME business partnerships and alliances to help preserve jobs, drive economic growth and success for UK business.  Our collaborative working culture means we partner regularly to deliver client projects creating business relationships that will continue to bring value into the future.    


Economic Inequality
Creating new jobs and skills, and increasing supply chain resilience and capacity

de Novo is committed to playing its part in tackling the economic inequality challenges facing the UK.

The increased importance of local employment sourcing with the creation of new employment opportunities in the local South Wales area for the selection and on-boarding of new apprentice and graduate roles, designed in partnership with Coleg Gwent and the University of South Wales.   

Pioneering, innovative solutions that provide positive outcomes in the context of the experience economy for UK industry.  Consequently, a significant amount of our profits are being reinvested directly into creating new industry focused products and services such as Odyssea™ and Value as a Service™ propositions to generate revenue growth alongside developing the skills and talent required to support our growing business.

Climate Change

Climate Change
Effective stewardship of the environment

de Novo as a technology and service-based business actively operates in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Investing in modern buildings for our office-based workforce, spaces designed with effective energy management sensors to control and optimise the use of light and heat.  In addition, locally based workers and the continued support of home-working helps lead to a reduced carbon footprint through reduced air and noise pollution associated with a drop in complex commuting.             

Staff handbooks and operational policies encourage a positive stance on recycling and waste disposal along with ethical and sustainable sourcing and procurement of materials to minimise our footprint on the planet.

Equal Opportunity

Equal Opportunity
Reducing the disability employment gap and tackling workforce inequality

de Novo is an inclusive workplace where everyone has an opportunity and voice no matter their background, perspective or abilities.  

A commitment to building effective working relationships with local universities and apprenticeship providers to create learning opportunities for students all the way through to opportunities for experienced professionals – those wishing to learn digital skills or explore a new career journey no matter their stage of life.  

A commitment to support our Armed Forces by signing the Armed Forces Covenant, ensuring those that have served, and their families are treated fairly, and through providing employment opportunities. 


Health & Wellbeing
Improving health, wellbeing and community integration

de Novo provides a workplace that encourages a positive work-life balance for employees along with community involvement to create a positive working environment where people can be their best   

Employee policies and handbooks outline the importance of a positive workplace experience acknowledging the importance of mental and physical health and wellbeing drivers along with an investment in workforce training and education to cultivate new skills for career growth and personal ambition. 

A commitment to encouraging and promoting youth sport in South Wales.  The business is invested in programs that involve the sponsorship of local rugby and football clubs in the immediate area which enables staff members to participate in developing others as well as providing vital funding for local community activities.

Monitoring and reporting

de Novo’s Social Value activities, contribution and measurement are regularly monitored through the actions of operational leaders and management meetings.

The business acknowledges the long-term investment and commitment required to make a lasting impact in Social Value activities. 

As the business matures there will be the opportunity to reinforce and strengthen our Social Value commitments via our day-to-day engagements and business activities working together with our partners, clients and suppliers to deliver improved Social Value outcomes for the UK.

U11 Football Team Sponsorship

We are not only building a great #welshbusiness but we are also committed to playing a role in our local community. As we continue in our mission to nurture and uplift local young talent, we are thrilled to have entered into an exciting three-year sponsorship agreement with Portskewett & Sudbrook Junior Football Club, supporting their incredibly talented U11 Hornets team! Situated in close proximity to de Novo HQ, they are a mini and junior football club who compete in the Monmouthshire leagues.

To the U11 Hornets, play your best and enjoy every moment! We look forward to cheering you on and following all your games!

Thank you Craig Parker for the opportunity to support the club.

For more details about Portskewett & Sudbrook FC, please visit their official website here: https://lnkd.in/eRS3ZF9Q

Armed Forces Covenant

Armed Forces Covenant

We are committed to honouring the Armed Forces Covenant and supporting the Armed Forces Community.

We recognise the value Serving Personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to our business and our country.