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Our Story

A Team of Entrepreneurs

de Novo Solutions has been created by a team of proven successful entrepreneurs, who already have one significant business exit behind them. We don’t consider ourselves Consultants, but rather a family with entrepreneurial spirit fused into our own DNA and a “can do” attitude. This is something we are very proud of and celebrate.

Photos © Joel Chant / www.joelchant.com 27th July 2021 De Novo Solutions

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We are…

A team of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who come together to make positive things happens for our customers

A team that are prepared to challenge the status quo and take calculated risks to pioneer new ideas

A team who are not being afraid to put our fees at risk to back-up our delivery capability and deliver on our promises

A team that continually invests in its people and their ideas to create rich work experiences for ourselves, our business partners and our customers

A team that achieves its success by making our customers successful by unleashing hidden value through the solutions we provide

A Rich Legacy

Our background is as a group of people who have built successful businesses from nothing allows us to have a deep understanding of all the operational aspects of an Organisation, as well as a thorough understanding of the digital economy, sharing our knowledge and insight into the industry we work in.

It is our diverse thinking and our unique background that fundamentally differentiates ourselves and sets us apart from our competitors.

de Novo is the next iteration of the highly successful award-winning Oracle Platinum partner Certus Solutions, who were the original pioneers in UK&I of Oracle SaaS Cloud applications which was founded in 2011 and subsequently sold to Accenture in May 2018.

Over seven years the team pioneered Oracle SaaS Cloud applications, leading the way across the partner network, achieving many firsts at the time, key highlights being:

First Oracle partner to be recognised as a specialist in Oracle HCM Cloud technology

Undertook the first Oracle ERP and HCM Cloud implementation in the UK for the Rugby Football Union (RFU)

Created the first industry vertical solution for HM Government on Oracle Cloud

Photos © Joel Chant / www.joelchant.com 27th July 2021 De Novo Solutions